Well, I just finshed watching Battle Royale II. I’m not going to spoil it here for those who haven’t seen it but eventually will, but I will say that it was different from the first. It was a good movie, but things were different this time around…can’t say that this film had the same spark as the original. Fukusaku also has some pretty strong anti-American/anti war comments in the movie. Almost went a little overboard with them, at least I feel. Anyways, I’m sure within a few weeks after everyone is back in Bloomington, the HRC, my Japanese class, and anyone else who wants to will have seen the movie, either getting it from me or elsewhere, and I can say more about it then.

In the world, there is the winning team and the losing team. Which side are you on?

Tomorrow (er…tonight, I suppose) is New Year’s Eve. Hard to beleive it’s already that time again. I’ll most likely watch Iron Chef on TV, then go out somewhere.