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Stray Dog Strut


Woke up around 11AM, somehow (had 3 alarm clocks set, only needed the first), after going to sleep around 6. It was painful indeed. I came out to the living room with my cover, and I think sat at my desk for about 30 minutes reeling in the pain of waking up. Eventually I got up for real. Did e-mail, phone calls, and dropped M419. 1PM is way too early for me, and this way I didn’t have to go today. I do, however, have to get the journalism credit in the books soon so that I can have 12 credit hours. It doesn’t really matter except for scholarships, which I checked and I do actually need 12 hours. Great.

My 2 classes today weren’t bad; M405 is actually really cool. However, since the weather was awesome today and the heat in the building was still on full power, both classrooms were way too warm. And this meant that I was even more sleepy that usual. During D302, I actually started the whole “pinch yourself” thing on my arms and legs to try and wake up, but it didn’t do anything but hurt. After class I went to the Jungle Room with Brian, Nick, Ho, and MSB (who is back and is like a half-Prof now). Sweet. Had a quick meeting at the Union, then went home. I was SO TIRED from sleeping so little that I gave up any hope (or desire) of going out tonight and went to sleep on my couch. This was at around 7:30, and I just woke up around 12:30. Oh well, I’m probably going to just try to sleep again sometime soon so that I can be up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

Also, it’s Friday the 13th. Ooooooooooohhhhh!~

Asteroid Blues (Episode 1)

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Monday was the first day of classes here at IU. I slept until about 2:30PM, and watched TV most of the day. Yep, that’s right, no classes on Mondays for me. It’s looking like the best semester ever, and of course it’s the final countdown (yes, start humming that song). I’m taking 12 credit hours I think, but my schedule is pretty much perfect. I only have classes Tuesday and Thursday, and they don’t start until the afternoon. I don’t think there’s any way to have a schedule better than mine. Here’s a quick rundown of my classes and a wrap-up of Tuesday, which was the first day for me.

Business Marketing M419: Retail Management
I’m going to drop this course tomorrow morning, because I only need 1 more marketing class to graduate. Since I wanted to double check and get a feel for the class before I dropped it, I went to the first day. Note that this meant I had to wake up earlier than I normally would, since this one started at the wee hour of 1PM. Retail management might be useful if I was going to work somewhere like Sears, but I don’t know if I’ll be doing that right after graduation. I got to class on time (seriously, that’s a miracle), and it was in a computer lab that I’ve had several courses in before. That was a big plus; I love computer classes cause they’re usually pretty easy, and I sit there with Outlook and Firefox for web browsing. The class was pretty much all chicks, but the syllabus and prof make it sound like there will be a good amount of work required. Also 3 different groups to work in, which would mean a lot of out-of-class meeting. I don’t want to have to do more group meetings (I have enough meetings as it is). Also the prof mentioned she has a zero-tolerance policy against web browsing and e-mail during class. Uh-oh, no good for me. So yeah, I’m going to drop this as soon as possible. I would have done it earlier but I want to make sure I won’t mess up scholarships or student status when I drop under 12 credit hours. I’ll have 12 eventually, since I’m doing an independent study with the Journalism school. I just have to get that set up and in the books.

Business D302: Operations of International Enterprises
The prof for this class is Dan Li, so I was expecting a Chinese guy. I was right about the Chinese part, but it’s a female. Anyways, this is the continuation of the international business class I took last semester and was pretty un-involved from (still pulled a B). It was also the class that I was late to almost every day that I went to, bombed the tests, but saved myself with the miracle that is known as the “Toys R Us in Japan” paper, which I wrote in Minneapolis and Brian had to turn in for me. Seems like much of the same, but since I don’t have as many classes, I guess I might actually try to study or something. I’m just staying that, you know. I probably won’t do anything for it. Regardless, it’s a fairly straightforward course, much like the last one. A good amount of reading, and that’s that.

Business Marketing M405: Buyer Behavior
The night before going to class, I was looking at the syllabus. The prof’s name is Robert Smith. I was watching Big O on TV at the time and confused it with Roger Smith and thought to myself “sweet, maybe he has a giant robot.” SHOW-TIME! Anyway, this course is pretty much a psych class taught in the business school. It seems pretty interesting and I’m happy to have a class that’s a bit different than ALL the international and marketing-type courses I took last semester. I actually thought to myself the other day (before class) that I wish I had time in my class schedule to take something different, like psychology. Looks like I got my wish. The teacher seems pretty down to earth and relatable (he talked about how he goes to sleep at 3 or 4AM and wakes up at noon), so it should be a fun class. I have to remember not to sit next to the window/AC on Thursday, though, because it was a pain in the butt trying to hear what the prof was saying over the noise of the air conditioner (which was for some reason, blowing COLD air in the middle of January).

Those are the three classes I went to on Tuesday. I’m not going to M419 tomorrow since I’m going to drop it, so I only have class every Tues and Thurs from 2:30 to 5:15. Not too shabby, eh? I deserve this, I’m such a hard working student.

Now, aside from those I’m also taking the following, which will put me to a total of 12 credit hours.

Business X488 Globalization
I need one more class to finish my international business major, and at first I was planning on taking an international economics course or something, which would pretty much kill me. I’ve never done good in econ. Luckily, I got an e-mail in the fall about a new online course available for students studying abroad. Haha, I got in! So, I have a 3 credit hour online course that will finish that second business major, and I don’t have to actually get up and go anywhere. Sweet. It’s not going to be as ridiculous as I kind of hoped for an online course, but it should be better than taking econ nonetheless. I’ll have papers and stuff to do, but I think it should be interesting. Also it looks like a big part of the class is doing journals and “talking” to your classmates on an online message board.

Journalism Independent Research
I really don’t even need to do this, but I think it will be kind of fun and interesting. Also the 3 credit hours of (what will most likely be) A’s will do my GPA good. I’ll be working with a few other IUSTV staff members and the dean of the journalism school (who is new this year and very cool: has a strong interest in student TV) to research other student stations across the country. We’ll look at what makes the best stations the best, and then in turn try and bring new improvements and ideas to IUSTV. I pretty much would do this anyway, so I might as well get credit for it.

That’s the semester. It’s looking like it will be awesome. Fridays are as usual being reserved as IUSTV work days, but I still am undecided on Mondays and Wednesdays. I could spend both of those days doing IUSTV stuff also (which I’ll do to some extent), but I think I’ll finally have more free time in the semester to do what’s important: find a job, sleep, play video games, and watch TV. Life is good. Hope everyone has a good semester. And I hope everyone who is graduated finds a job (snake!).



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It’s 11:11PM on a Monday night, and I am just now getting ready to leave the Main Library. I got here at noon today, left from 2:30 to 4:30 for a class, and then came back here to work. Marketing project = not fun. Anyways, this is the longest I’ve ever been in the library I think (at least lately), and it’s kind of weird. Not as crowded as usual, since most of the campus has left early for Thanksgiving. Also pretty much every girl I saw or heard was a dirty hippy; quite the opposite from the usual hot asian chicks. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting near the window in the corner.

I’m going home probably early Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving break. I’ll be in St. Louis until Sunday morning. It’s the first time I’ve been home since August 1, and even then it was only for like a day or two (right after I got back from Japan). It’s going to be fun I think; see family, etc. Anyway I also really am starting to have withdrawal for my actual website. There will be a bunch of blog posts that will “appear” all at once when my domain finally gets back up and running (I re-registered last Thursday morning; hurry up!!!!)

Also, congrats to the F-Man for getting into IU Med School. You’re living the dream!!

So this has been a pretty busy weekend. As an example, I left this morning for the new studio at around 1:00PM. I just got back not too long ago, just a bit after 1:00AM. Today, however, take out about 3 hours for an M415 group meeting and also White Castle dinner. Pretty much this entire week I’ve been doing a LOT of IUSTV type work, making phone calls and doing e-mails to get us moved in to the new studio. We got the keys and started moving, and it’s been busy ever since. Friday morning I woke up early to meet with RPS movers who were helping us move a lot of the big furniture and stuff from Ashton to Read. After (and kinda during) that, I had an Exec meeting, then went to an interview, then had a meeting with the Read residence manager. Then we were in the studio from about 7PM to 1AM pulling microphone cables from the studio to the control room.

Saturday was about 2 to 10PM, this time figuring out our lighting system and hanging the dimmers to plug lights into. This involved a lot of ladder and scaffolding work. Brian almost broke his toe. He didn’t though. That was about the entire day, and I went home to sleep for almost a good 12 hours. This entire week has been nuts, so it was warranted. I also, on a random note, watched some “new” Saturday Night Live, and the show has definitely gone down the tubes. Not really worth watching anymore.

Today (Sunday), I was in there from about 1PM to 3PM, then 5PM to 1AM. We finished hanging up all the lights in the studio (about 31), and it’s a lot harder than it sounds at first. But the lighting is pretty much done; we just have to add diffusion paper and label them sometime later this week.

From here on (and I know you’re curious), things will just fall into place. When the ethernet and phone jacks are finished, probably tomorrow, we will start building the cubicles in the office and also then the control room. When the ethernet jacks are actually activated (turned on), we’ll enter the final stages and move all our computers over to Read. After that, we wait on the fiber optic stuff so that we can broadcast from Read, and also sometime soon, broadcast through Insight to BCATS (off-campus channel 3). Then we’ll be in the big leagues. Sometime in there (and hopefully in the next week or so), we’ll be building a news desk, and finishing the Hoosier Date? set. It’s going to be a very busy next few weeks.

Also of note is that over the past few weeks, I’ve become less and less worried about the future of IUSTV. There will be someone around next year to take the reigns, and I think that the organization will do fine. Getting this new studio situated, and getting our broadcast off-campus, that’s a bit tougher (and more immediate) for me.

Non-IUSTV-wise, job interviews have been slowing, and so has my interest in doing any kind of work related to business or the positions that I’ve been interviewing for. I hate to say it, but the more I think about it, I don’t know if I’ll be able to live with myself working at a desk job or a sales job next year after graduation. JET is looking more and more tempting every day. With the IUSTV work that I’ve been doing the past few weeks, I completely see why Kieran took a few months “off” to go work and live in Scotland. I don’t know if I’ll be able to just go straight to a real job. Tokyo (or Japan) seems very inviting. Heck, TV might be good also. More on that some other time.

minor PANIC

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I’ve had a very relaxing weekend. After playing Budokai 3 for hours yesterday, doing minimal IUSTV work, and sitting at my apartment for the past five hours either watching TV, playing video games, or internet-ing, I seriously thought that I had nothing to do tomorrow. I don’t have class until 2:30 tomorrow, don’t have any interviews in the morning, nothing. Totally free evening and day.


I just discovered that the term paper I thought was due on Wednesday is, instead, due TOMORROW by 4PM. I’ll be able to finish it no problem, but I won’t be sleeping much tonight and I’m not going to be a happy camper tomorrow evening. It’s funny (kinda), because I’m looking over the directions right now and on the page my Prof labeled “THE MOST COMMON MISTAKES,” number one is “Procrastination – attempting to research and prepare the paper over a long weekend – the paper will show it, and it will effect your grade.” Haha, time to introduce him to the world of Anthony Leong papers. I’m not doing this over the weekend anyway. 頑張るぞ。

梁 the Digest


I know everyone’s dying to hear what I’ve been up to, so here goes. My mind doesn’t really work in sequential order, so I’ll just go my category and/or topic.

Computer 復活
I got my computer back, but I had to buy a new HD and a new video card. I got that all set up, and after about a day or two of reinstalling Windows (3 times), going through the Registry, copying files, etc, I’m back up and running. The new HD’s name is Musashi, so that’s what the computer is now called. Kojiro is still alive (I guess it still works), and it’s in there as a secondary hard drive. I’d never installed a hard drive and/or done the whole setting slave/master kinda thing, but it was easy as hell. I felt accomplished. I have just about every program, etc that I need back on my computer, and even finally installed Firefox. The only thing I can think of that I lost in this whole ordeal (uh, aside from repair and new parts cost) was my AIM Away Messages. That, I can deal with.

I’ve kind of started looking for jobs. This is pretty tough when I have no clue at all what exactly I want to do after I graduate in May. I’ve used the business school’s UCSO system to get some interviews and stuff like that, but I honestly don’t know if I even want to do sales or marketing. Advertising, I could handle. I’m wanting to work in TV more and more, but who knows if that’s easy to get into. A job in Japan would be nice also, but I don’t know if I want to live there for more than a few years. I might just end up doing JET or some other kind of program to go to Japan.
I had my first interview on Thursday morning…it was with Cook Urological. They’re looking for a Product Manager in Tokyo that will pretty much cover all of Japan. Only thing is, the job’s pretty demanding Nihongo-wise, and I’d have to live in Japan for a long time. Also, I don’t know if I want to sell stuff that people shove into their penises. In other news, I interview with General Mills on Monday for a sales-type of position, and I’m going to Boston at the end of the month for the Japanese job fair. Hopefully there will be some companies looking for Americans with only medium-level Japanese.

IUSTV stuff
Been pretty busy lately, although with exactly what, I don’t know. The office in Read isn’t going to be done until the end of the month, which is a huge pain in the butt. Oh well. 仕方ない。 Aside from the delay in new office space, pretty much everything is going great. All the teams are working, doing stuff, and being good. A few roadbumps have been handled, and I think by next week everyone will be doing something. Now that I don’t have to worry about micro-managing everything (each Exec can manage their team pretty well, and I just keep up with them), I can go on to doing more administrative stuff. Although I am really really considering Producing a new show myself. We’ll see if I have time. That’s what I came here for in the first place, right? To make TV. I’ve been thinking of trying to create the best show ever, maybe by the time I die I can do that.

忙しい Week だった
I think it’s been because I just passed the 1/3 mark of the semester, but I had at least 1 test a week for the past 2 or 3 weeks. On top of that, I’ve been somewhat busy (I don’t know exactly with what), doing assignments and other kinds of stuff. For this entire past week, pretty much, my schedule has looked like this:
12 noon: wake up in a rush, finish some work that I didn’t do
2PM-6PM: classes of some kind
6PM-11PM: go to IUSTV for meetings or goofing off
11PM-6AM: go home, either work on stuff or watch TV/use computer
6AM-12 noon: wake up in a daze and rush, repeat
One of my biggest problems, I’ve realized, is going to IUSTV. There are times when I actually have meetings to either lead or listen in on, but sometimes I’m there for no reason and end up staying the entire night. I need to cut back on this…

Everything has seemed so busy over the past few weeks, and I don’t know when it’s gonna ease up. I’m going to try and make things better for myself this week, otherwise I’m going to die from exhaustion. I’m tired of waking up and having to rush or panic to do something. I need to get myself re-organized this weekend, particularly for job interviews, the Boston trip, and partially for the Halloween Party/A-Team Reunion. Life is good, just busy. Maybe that’s good. I’m starting to see why Kieran wanted to go to Scotland for a year to relax after graduating. JET might not be difficult or perfect, but maybe I should do it just to take things easy in Japan for a year or two…

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