OK, so here’s the deal. Originally, I was planning on going to New York the weekend after 4th of July with Frank to go see Tom in the big city. However, I found out today that Tom might be in Delaware that weekend. I also would probably benefit from studying that weekend rather than go on a trip. However, there’s one big thing that’s making me want to change my plans….


Who the heck is L’arc~en~Ciel? Why, it’s a Japanese rock band with a French name (means “arc in the sky” or “rainbow”). They also happen to be one of my favorite bands. I was disappointed that I missed their Smile Tour in Japan this summer, but this concert in the US seems to be the perfect chance to get to see them live.

However: 1) it’s in Maryland 2) it’s the day after my last I-Core final, and the day before my I-Core Case Orientation 3) it’s at Otakon: the convention for hardcore anime fans (otaku), much much much bigger dorks than me. These are the kind of suckers who dress up like Sailor Moon, get off to hentai porn, and in general have no life whatsoever. At least that’s the stereotype.

So, very possibly, I will be canceling my plans for New York and instead going to Baltimore, Maryland at the end of July to see this concert. As long as everything goes well, it will be amazing. Brian and Nick seem to be game for this as well, which would make it a lot of fun (I got both of them hooked on L’arc a few months ago) for all of us. Who knows? We might be able to knock some otaku on their heads, see L’arc in concert, and have a great time.

Oh, and L’arc’s latest CD, titled Smile, is being released here in the US today! You should pick it up, or at least download it. It’s a great CD, even if you don’t know Japanese. Wow that was a long post. ^^