Well it’s about 1PM, and I just got up. I love getting to catch up on sleep on the weekends. I almost forgot to write this post yesterday:

I’ve been studying Japanese for long enough now, and have seen enough Americans studying Japanese, to really have this annoy me. Now, my Japanese isn’t super great or anything, and I understand that there are people with different levels of the language. Somewhere, (I don’t think it’s taught in classes) a bunch of these kids learned ええぇぇぇと (“eeeeto”, Japanese version of “ummmm”) and started using it like there’s no tomorrow. It’s OK to try and make your Japanese more natural of course, but DON’T USE EEEEEEEETO IF YOUR JAPANESE SUCKS! Some people seriously put this between every word, and they sound like frickin morons (I’m actually going to be considerate and not name names). Stuffing your head into a book isn’t going to make your pronunciation better, and man they need to work on that.

I’m actually in a really good mood right now, but just thought I’d write that since it bugged me so much (listening to people) yesterday.