Last night I finally got around to watching the movie “Zebraman,” which I rented and burned nearly a month and a half ago. It’s directed by Takeshi Miike, who is famous for a bunch of freaky horror films like Ichi the Killer, Gozu, and the Dead or Alive movies. Well Zebraman isn’t a horror film, but instead a comedy/parody of superhero movies.

One of the trailers summarizes things up pretty well: “The mother is having an affair, the daughter is a hooker, the son gets bullied, and the father…saves the world?” The movie’s about a teacher named Ichikawa (whoa! big coincidence? i think not), whose life really sucks for the previously mentioned reasons. His whole family hates him, and his only comfort at home is in his Zebraman costume that he makes, modeled after a crappy TV show he watched when he was a kid.

One night he goes out into the streets dressed in his costume, and runs into a pervert wearing a crab helmet. The two end up fighting, and Ichikawa discovers he actually does have superpowers (of course he uses the “Zebra Screw Punch.” Turns out this Crab man is the first of a bunch of aliens that Zebraman has to beat.

Awesome movie. Some parts are just so retarded that you have to love it.