Moved back to Bloomington yesterday, with the help of my parents and their Honda mini-van. I had that thing and my car both packed. I brought a lot of stuff. Anyways, the apartment (at Woodbridge) is a lot different from what I expected, pretty much all for the best. It’s further north as opposed to right near Marsh (and the train tracks) like I was thinking. No problem there. It’s a lot bigger than I expected. At least it seems like it. Especially after coming from Japan (see my comment from the mall about how stores in America seem huge); I seriously think that my apartment would be about 10 times as big as my dorm room from Japan. Around 700 sq ft total, if you people actually know about how big that is. I sure don’t.

I’m still working on unpacking and setting stuff up. Although when packed into 2 cars, it seemed like I have a huge amount of stuff, when moved into a big apartment it becomes pretty apparent that I’m a big lacking, especially in the furniture department. To remedy this, I got a (double) bed from some guy who was selling it on the OneStart classifieds. Next step is a futon, which I’m getting via the same methods. Hopefully I can get that this weekend and have my living room set up ready to go, at least for the most part. Now I just need some more bookshelves or something.

Things in Bloomington are good. It’s really nice to see people, especially ones that I haven’t seen since last May. I mentioned to my dad on the ride here that it doesn’t seem like I’ve been away for 5 months. I think everything’s starting to blend around in my head. Time’s losing its definition and clarity for me. OK that sounds really weird, I think I’m just retarded.

I’ve gotten e-mails from Sayoko and Mii. I haven’t replied yet, mainly because I’m too lazy to read a long e-mail in Japanese, then even lazier to try and reply in Japanese. I’ll get around to it soon, just because well, I’ve got to. I guess it’s going to be good practice for me to keep my Japanese up. I’m not studying it anymore at school, and if I want to keep this language up I’d better use it some more. I’m still playing around with the idea of heading back this summer, for an internship or something. If I can find some company that will pay for my airfare or housing (or both), then I’m game. Actually, before I left, Shin-san at IES told me about this World’s Fair-type thing they’re having in Aichi-ken this spring/summer. And Nick did some research tonight, and apparently they do indeed pay both airfare and housing. This might be my summer plans right there…

OK time to try and set up some more stuff. My apartment still looks boring and naked. Time for me to ruin it with posters and thumbtacks. Time to make it “Anthony’s new apartment.” Hoo-hah.