This week has been nuts. Sunday night I was at the library til 6:30AM studying for my marketing analysis exam. I guess it was worth only getting 3 hours of sleep though, since I got a 104 on it. Monday night I crashed for about 5 hours in the evening, only to stay up until 6 again doing random stuff (including sending resumes and stuff to places like TokyoPop and Viz). Tuesday night I was doing IUSTV, Z302, and mktg analysis until around 3 or 4AM. Tonight (Wed), it’s 3AM and I’m still at the library, finished with about half of my marketing design work, have a team exam in Z302 at 11AM, and about a million and a half things I need to get done really soon. Tomorrow night will probably entail the least amount of library time all week, meaning I’ll *only* be here for like 3 or 4 hours.

I’d be able to get a few hours of sleep per night extra if I weren’t powering through the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm on DVD. Awesome show, btw. Oh and I got to watch an hour of the Kings (Kangs?) of Comedy last night.