Finally getting around to writing a post, which for some reason I feel compelled to do, even though most people won’t be interested in reading this, haha.

As a bunch of you know, the last few weeks have been pretty busy. I think it’s midterm time, since I’ve had a bunch of tests. IUSTV is keeping me pretty busy also. We premiered a new show, called “On the Edge of Your Sport” last week. I haven’t been that involved with it, but it was really great to see a new show get on air. It reminded me a lot of some other new shows starting, especially the first taping. Although I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about not staying as involved with it next year as I am now, this really is a lot of fun. I feel guilty sometimes for spending hours upon hours at the IUSTV offices when I should be doing school work, but I guess this will look good on resumes, and gives me a lot of material for interviews. At least I’m doing a lot better on actually doing classwork than I did last spring or summer.

I’ve also been trying to find a decent internship for the summer. Ideally, I could find something paid, in Japan, and in the marketing or TV industry. I’m sure I can’t find something that is “ideally” perfect in all three of those, but I’ve got some leads so far. Haha, I’m going to apply for a job in Japan working for the FDA. Never thought I’d say I was considering working with anything remotely connected to agriculture, but who knows.

As far as next year goes, I’m leaning towards staying at IU the entire year. I talked to the B-school advisor last week, which was pretty much a huge waste of time, but oh well. My one question was whether or not I should graduate early or not to get a “International Business” major instead of just “International Studies,” and all the lady says is “well, that’s up to you.” Yeah, I know that. BUT I’d think an ADVISor would be able to ADVISE me on what to do. Anyway, I’m leaning towards having a really really easy next year, and work at IUSTV or something. Who knows. I also am 70% sure I’m going to stay at my current apartment, just because it’s great so far and I wouldn’t have to deal with finding a new place, moving, etc.

I can’t think of anything else to put here. I’ve been watching DVDs in my freetime (usually a few hours before I sleep), which I’m getting from Netflix. I’ve gotten through the first 3 seasons of Seinfeld, the first 4 of Frasier, and the first 1 and a half of Curb Your Enthusiasm in the past 2 months. I guess you can call that an accomplishment. Oh, and yes Frasier is an awesome show, even though most people are half and half about either liking it or thinking it’s too “high-brow.” Hoo-ah!