The IUSTV End-of-Year Banquet is tonight. The last time I had a similar event was the Sayonara Party back in Tokyo for IES. And much like that time, I’m running on very little sleep and making a video for the event, while at the same time doing a bit of school work here and there. I don’t know if this is just coincidence or what, but this seems to be my trend whenever there’s a big event or something similar. I guess it makes sense, adding on extra responsibility (usually self-imposed) for a big event like a banquet. I still remember high school graduation when I went for like two days without sleep, staying in Donnelly’s lab with the rest of the crew making that video. The Project Graduation video (took me a minute to remember the name).

Let’s just sum my last few hours up: I woke up yesterday at around 6:30AM after falling asleep on the futon watching Ryuki the night before. Tried going back to sleep, but that was unsuccessful until around 8:30AM. Woke up at 11 to go to the office and finish my homework for M343. Got out of that class at 2:15PM, went to grab some lunch at Wendy’s (don’t get me started on the inefficient retard army they have staffed there during the day), then came back to the office. Started off interviewing 2 candidates for the Tech Director position, then started doing video stuff. I’ve been out of the office twice since then (right now it’s 6:30AM of the next day): once to get dinner at Chili’s, and once to go home for a half hour.

Staying up late all these times to prepare for a banquet, graduation, etc, always seems so tiring while I’m actually doing it. But once it’s done and over with, I’m usually happy with my results. I guess in some way this is fun for me, haha. Don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or anything. Video stuff like this was always (and I guess it still is) a “hobby” or mine, although it seems to take over my entire life at times. I think I ‘m not making as much sense as I should be with this post; I’m starting to actually feel tired. I guess I’ll go write my R100 paper, and finish up stuff. Who knows which classes I’m going to go to today. I need 2 of them for possible review sessions, and the last one I really should just skip.