This past week was pretty grueling. Monday – M343 exam. Tuesday – Z302 team exam. Wed – Z302 regular exam. Thurs – M303 exam. Fri – RYP taping. So yeah, things were a bit busier than I usually like. I actually was studying on most nights! Yeah that’s not something I particularly like to do.

It’s finally the weekend, so there’s not a whole lot to do, which is just how I like it. I’m going to watch some TV, maybe actually play some video games, and just be lazy like usual. I have a few things to do, but nothing major. This coming week looks like a joke (the Outlook calendar actually has some white space!).

Oh, and the Honors College gave me an extra scholarship for my “internship” at IUSTV this semester. At least I have some executive salary from that. Thanks again, honors college! haha….