I took my M303 Market Research exam this morning at 8AM, the last final of the year. It’s summer! Oh man I’m going to have to try and figure out what I’m doing this summer…

I am seriously having one of the greatest days ever, most likely because I have no more school stress or anything like that. It’s not even 10AM, and I’ve been up for a while, it feels kind of nice. After my exam, I went to the office for a minute, then out to the college mall area. Although the weather is great and I’m having a wonderful day, I thought I’d share a few annoyances that I encountered this morning. It’s a good day, but still, complaints and observations must be made. Please, nod your head and laugh as we go through things that pissed me off in the mere 30 minutes I was in the real world:

1) Motorcycles in parking spots – I drove around the parking lot, and I see one last spot open. As I get closer, I find that it is not empty, but some retarded red motorcyle thing (might have been a moped). Parking spaces are measured out to fit cars! Your bike can go on the side of the building or in the grass or something. Heck, find a bike rack. I have a car, I should get the space. I’m tempted to get a cow catcher on the front of my car so I can just plow mopeds who think they deserve to park in a full spot. Oh yeah, he parked right in the middle of the spot, so if another moron on a bike came, they would each have to take up 2 full spots.
2) Trench coats – I went into Borders bookstore for a second, with no real reason. There was this greasy looking fellow in the magazine section standing and reading. You know exactly the kind of person I’m talking about: the dorky comic-shop guy/emo/social outcast who thinks he’s super cool by wearing a trench coat wherever he goes with his tie-die shirt and chain-attatched slacks. If you’re not a businessman and you’re not wearing a suit, DON’T WEAR A TRENCH COAT. Everyone knows you’re sad, your parents don’t like you, and you secretly aspire to be Silent Bob. You might as well be, they don’t, and you never will be. Also note that it’s sunny and over 75 degrees. The coat just adds to your stink-factor, so give us all a rest and quit wearing it. Let me also stick in here that emo and goth kids piss me off.
3) Breakfast – I walked from Borders to Bread Co. (Panera, whatever), because I was hungry and thought I’d get some coffee and a bagel or something. The line at Bread Co was out the door! I like going there, but let’s get real. If I want to spend $4 on breakfast, I’m not going to wait in line for 30 minutes with a bunch of old people and dorky looking white guys who think they’re intellectual because they sit down alone in a coffee shop and read. No one should be waiting to eat at Bread Co; it’s not that good. So, I left that place and drove to the “Bake House” which is on the way to my apartment. I’d never been there, but I assumed it was another coffee and bagel place. I was right, but also it is a very different kind of atmosphere. The easiest way to explain it would be to call it GAY. Even worse than Bread Co, it has a bunch of people who think they’re high class because they spend $5 on a day-old bagel. The place, even though it only sells stuff like coffee and sandwiches, had the decor (and size) to try and make you think you’re in a fancy restaurant. I looked at the menus and stuff and saw nothing appetizing, and the staff and customers both were pissing me off. I couldn’t take it. I left and went to Marsh to buy a donut.

That’s that. Hello summer!