I just finished watching Devilman, which I rented a few days ago. Before I go any further, there are 2 things I should point out that might affect my viewpoint on this movie, and thus my thoughts. 1) It’s all in Japanese, and I’m not completely fluent in the language. 2) I never read any of the original comic or saw any of the original anime, which I’m sure a big majority of Japanese people have.

Now that that’s out of the way, I think this movie ranks up there with movie greats like Versus, and might I even say The Hulk from a few years ago. And not just because both movies have pretty cool computer effects, but because both of them have their screenplays seemingly written and edited by retarded drunken monkeys. From the very start of Devilman, I had no idea why things were happening. They didn’t bother to explain everything or show any continuity, which may be because the majority of Japanese people watching the movie probably knew the general story of Devilman. I, of course, did not (let’s be honest, I STILL don’t).

The easiest way to explain the movie is to call it an hour and a half long movie trailer. There are a lot of awesome visual effects and the movie definitely looks cool. However, dialogue and the general storytelling seems a bit sketch, and there are a lot of holes. Another way to explain this movie would be if you took all the pre-rendered movie scenes out a of a video game like Final Fantasy, edited them together, and expected people to understand what the heck is going on. Near the middle of the movie, there was some kind of plot going on, but by the end they decided it was hopeless and just had a really cool CGI fight and a really bad conclusion. In summary, this was a really really bad cool looking movie. Does that make sense? Probably more than this movie did.

I do have to say though, that having Bob Sapp in the movie as the world news anchor was a nice touch. If the rest of the movie doesn’t make sense, you might as well throw in Bob Sapp. Overall this movie gets a 6 out of 10. Maybe a 7. It would be good to watch at a party where everyone is doing something else, because even paying attention (and even knowing Japanese) doesn’t help save this movie from being anything more than eye-candy.