Once again, I haven’t updated in quite some time. Things have been pretty busy around here lately. Let me now then attempt, true believers, (anyone get that reference?) to sum up everything that I’ve done of importance since my last post. In summary, I’ve gone to/done: Ghibli Museum, Kabuki-cho, real Kabuki, the Meiji Shrine, Kaihim Beach, Harajuku to see freaks, karaoke a bunch of times, Disney Sea theme park, and the Yokohama International Fireworks Show.

Wow, going through my pictures to summarize all of that makes it seem like I really have been doing a lot of stuff. Nick left a little bit ago, after showing him a good old fashioned Y’s. Brian is still here, after extending his flight by about a week and a half. He’s pretty much adapted to living here like I have, and the only real difference is he doesn’t have a cell phone. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a major handicap here in Japan.

I’d like to sit here and write a blog entry about every awesome place I went, but I’m way too lazy. However, I’m going to try and put up pictures of most of these places soon, and I’ll have (er, try to have) substantial descriptions and captions for them.

Since I only have 1 week left here in Japan, I’m actually getting pretty busy with everything. It’s almost 1:30AM now, and I’m planning on waking up tomorrow around 7AM to go get some b-roll of the summer IES classes. I’ll write another entry sometime soon, and hopefully I’ll get pictures up again this weekend. I will be back in the States on the 28th, and back to Bloomington by August 1.