Here are the names from Spring and Summer at IES. I might not know all of them…wait I probably do. Oh, and I’m only including NEW nicknames since last fall, meaning I won’t write Shadow Eyes, etc again. Add any ones I forget in comments.

Spring IES
Ass man/luggage/Friar Tuck; Balding; Bilbo Baggins; the Triad; Gunner/battle stress; 野獣/wild beast; Ugly boyfriend; DT/Defensive Tackle/that bitch is HUGE; Pete/lip ring; no nickname but Andy is sweet; Megane-ecchi; Drug/Skateboard

Summer IES
Japanese name (sucks); Jabba; National Disgrace; Molestache 2; Monkey/Gorilla/Bigfoot; Asian fetish; Goon; Wedgie/Douchie-blue; typical Korean kid; AC Slater; Smiley 2; Bitchtits; Budo; Punch you in the face/anus/naguru zo; Clingy