Wow. It’s late, I’m tired, and thus I just created for the second time in my life a really stupid Japanese joke/pun/gag kind of thing. I was actually trying to figure out what to put as my name/away message kind of thing on MSN Messenger, and out it came. Here it is folks, I openly admit that it is retarded but when you start thinking of this kind of stuff in a foreign language, I guess it’s a good thing…?

ボストンで昼食カツ丼? いや、就職活動。

Well, if you know Japanese, you probably just snickered. If you don’t, let me try and explain (it makes it worse, I know). So the phrase says “Boston de chuushoku katsudon? Iya, shuushoku katsudou,” which translates to something like “In Boston, pork bowl for lunch? No, job hunting!”

WOW. It’s even worse and doesn’t make sense in English. So yeah, the whole pun is pretty much just because the words for “lunch, pork bowl” and “job hunting” sound the same to me. Now I’m going to go stop speaking Japanese forever.

I think my first one, made after the spring/summer IES Sayonara party was even cornier. I’m not going to bother explaining it, but it was お疲れ、お疲れ、カツカレ~~~. OK now I’m going to bed, I’ve embarrassed myself enough.