Saturday morning I had to wake up around 7AM, which was 2 hours or so after I went to sleep. Why would I break my seeming 1-month or longer streak of waking up really really late? To get IUSTV funding for next year, and hopefully more, that’s why! Brian and I had the Committe for Fee Review hearing (CFR) in the Union at 9AM sharp. Without boring my blog-fans (ha, HA) too much with the details, we have to present to this committee of students how much money IUSTV needs for next year, and why. It’s based on a system of student activity fees, which everyone at IU has to pay. This fee is split up among a whole bunch of different organizations, departments, etc on campus, and that’s how a lot of places are funded. IUSTV currently gets 64 cents. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s 64 cents per student per semester, which means this year we got about $54,000.000. Quite a nice chunk of change. We proposed increasing that to a dollar (so that we would get almost $75,000.00) for next year. We’ll see how that turns out in a month or two. Recommendations go from the CFR to the school’s dean to the chancellor (I guess provost now, since the whole chain of command just got overhauled), then to the Board of Trustees who make the final call.

Enough of that. After the hearing, ate breakfast at the Village Deli on Kirkwood, which I’ve only been to once before with TomSOB. I had the world’s largest breakfast burrito I think, and it was awesome. Afterwards I goofed around at home and at the office until the evening, went to sleep finally, and got up later for some TAIKO fun! That’s right, I bought the Taiko game for PS2. Nick brought his drum over and we played for a few hours. Seriously, one of the most fun games ever I think. It’s like DDR, but you play a Japanese-style drum. It’s a lot more fun than I’m making it out to be. I also have about 5 Japanese versions of the game, all with different songs, so the $30 I paid for the American game and drum controller was well worth it I think (yes, I actually bought a real PS2 game! miracle!

Quick deep thought for the night: have you ever thought about your family reading your blog? I’m not talking about your family right now. I’m talking about your family about 20 or 30 years from now. Considering that everything on the internet is pretty much archived or saved somewhere indefinitely, and internet indexing is becoming more sophisticated and powerful all the time (I mean, come on, look at Google compared to Yahoo from a few years ago), by the time we’re old and have families, it will probably be just a button press away to find anything and everything pertaining to you from anytime after the early 1990’s. This includes blog entries people. Your blog is public on the internet, which means whether you know it or not, it’s been saved and archived in a whole bunch of computers all over the world. Saved means it is/will be indexed, and viewable later on. Even much later.

I don’t know where I’m going with this thought, but it popped into my head earlier tonight when I was driving home. My blog is pretty boring and more just like something I use to keep track of what I do. Most likely, I’ll have a family and kids and stuff one day (as will most of you), so just wait for the day that they go “Hey, I found your blog from when you were in college. Were you seriously that much of a dork?” My kids won’t probably really ask that, because I’ll still be watching Kamen Rider and playing video games whether they like it or not, and the answer will be obvious. So in any case, in the ironic event that my kids are reading this exact blog post sometime in the year 202x (haha, like in Megaman), then HI KIDS BE GOOD MAKE ME SOME COOKIES.

Yeah, now all of you reading this are thinking about this concept, aren’t you? Thinking about what you’ve written, posted, alluded to, and saying to yourself in GOB fashion “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Not to make you paranoid or anything at all. I have given your mind a jumpstart and at least for a little bit, and you’re starting to think like I do: completely random and absolutely genius. I think of stuff like this all the time; welcome to the jungle. I’m joking, I’m not that arrogant.

I really want to play some Taiko right now, since I successfully obtained Japanese version 6 which just came out last month. It has a bunch of (obviously) current songs, like the Gorie song, Numa Numa (haha yes of internet fame), Matsuken Samba III, and even the gay ending theme to Magiranger. I’m afraid of waking and pissing off the neighbors below and next to me, considering its 2AM and I would be beating on a plastic drum in my living room. I guess I’ll just keep watching Detective Conan like I’ve been doing for the past hour (it’s a Special!). GOODNIGHT FUTURE KIDS LETS GO FOR A RIDE IN THE HOVER CAR TOMORROW.