It’s the big number 2-5-0! That’s right, according to Blogger, this is my 250th blog post here. Bust out the party streamers.

So it was a really good day today. I found out I got an A on my test from yesterday, I had no classes, weather was good, and there is a box of Hibiki Disc Animals waiting for me in the apartment leasing office just waiting to be picked up tomorrow morning. However, as the title implies, I had a near-death experience earlier this evening. That is actually a huge overstatement, but hey, it was annoying. I went to St. Louis Bread Co. (er, Panera I guess for everyone else) earlier today for lunch; I got a sandwich and a salad. More on that later. The first story is about the bagel of death.

I ordered some bagels before getting my lunch. I specifically asked the old lady working the counter “do any of your bagels have nuts in them?” (If you didn’t know, I’m allergic to tree nuts. Jokes welcome.) She says no, only the banana-walnut something does. So OK, I figure, I’m cool. A dozen bagels was only like $6, so I figure I’d order a dozen, and they should tide me over for a week or so. I got some blueberry, cinnamon crunch, french toast, and mocha swirl (which are pretty freaking good). No nuts, no problem. Apparently a dozen bagels is bigger than I imagined, and I ended up getting this giant cardboard container full of bagels. It was reminiscent of the dumpster that space explorers opened to release Rita Repulsa. Later in the evening, I tried one of the mysteriously crunchy-topped cinnamon crunch bagels. Nothing seemed funny, until I was almost done with the thing, and noticed my mouth was feeling itchy. Having 22 years of experience with this DISEASE, I knew what was happening. I was allergic to the bagel, which apparently had some kind of nuts in the crunchy part, or maybe just some remnants. The old lady said there was no nuts in it! SHE LIED AND TRIED TO KILL ME. Luckily, I did not die and thus am around to tell you this tale of interest. Worry not, I will be calling them tomorrow to ask what the deal is, and why they put nuts in my bagel that was supposed to be nut-free.

Also, second small story. They were out of caesar salads, so I asked the old lady what else was good. She said “I like the Asian Sesame Salad.” After quickly realizing that she was not trying to hit on me, I decided to try it out, so I ordered that as the second half of my “You Pick Two.” I asked her again, specifically “does that salad have nuts or anything on it?” She looked at me like I was an idiot, and I know she was thinking to herself “why in the world would there be nuts on this salad?” Well guess what, I walk around to the food part of the counter, and see on the menu that one of the salad toppings in the salad I just ordered was ALMONDS. Yes, old lady at Panera, almonds are a nut. I was luckily able to tell the cook to not put them on in time, but COME ON. Stupid old lady, trying to kill me twice.

That was my interesting story for the day. I just ate a blueberry bagel and did not get a reaction. The poison must just be in the cinnamon crunch.