So this whole Canada thing has been pretty interesting. I work the registration desk for the CS Mantech conference with my parents, and am getting paid by the hour for sitting there and handing out nametags, every so often printing out something or running a credit card. I had wireless until yesterday, which was great because I just sat and did e-mail and stuff that I would normally be doing, just not getting paid. Sometime around 5PM last night they cut if off though, so that was annoying.

I don’t really have that much time to write a blog, since I just popped into the “internet cafe” area to sync up Outlook and send an e-mail. Two nights ago I went to the peak of Mt. Grouse with the conference group for a big international reception. The party wasn’t all that great, but we rode a tram (kind of like a giant ski lift) to the top of the mountain and back; that was kind of cool. Last night we got invites to the Sumitomo Electrical party, whcih was probably the best food I’ve ever eaten. Lamb chops, risotto with truffle oil, shrimp, suckling pig. Oh man.

I’ll write more later on; I should get back to work now.