So I’ve been looking at and playing with Flickr lately, and it seems to be a really awesome system for storing, looking at, commenting on, and sharing photos. I’m considering using it as the photo system for this site, in part because it will be easier, in part because then more people can see it, in part because then you’ll be able to comment on individual pictures, and primarily because the way I do it now, editing HTML code, is a huge pain in the butt.

I think I’ll be able to make my Pictures pages look pretty close to what I have now, with Flickr providing the strip of images on the column of thumbnails. I could even be nice and copy the descriptions into a second column so it will look almost identical to the current setup. The big difference will be, when you click on a thumbnail, instead of opening a window with the larger image, you will be taken to a Flickr page. What do you guys think of this (all 1 of you reading this)? Does anyone think I should keep doing it the way I do it, or should I go with the fad and use Flickr? I’ll probably do a Flickr-based pictures page sometime this week. You guys can tell me what you think then.

Oh ya, if you’re on Flickr, my user ID is SkullCorp. Add me as a friend if you have a Flickr account.