This is somewhat spur of the moment for me, but I think I might go on vacation to Hong Kong in a few weeks. I took off 2 days in early June during a counseling week, meaning that there are no normal classes, thus giving me a Friday-to-Monday 4 day weekend. I didn’t really have any plans in mind; I just took off because I needed to use up some of my vacation days, and because that week is the easiest for my school since they won’t have to rearrange any of my classes. Someone asked me today at work “what are you doing for your 4 days off?” and I realized how dumb it sounded to say that I had no plans. Somehow the fact that I live 3 minutes away from work makes it even more ridiculous to me. So, I figured I should maybe take a trip.

It looks like for around or less than 400 bucks I can get a round trip ticket to Hong Kong, which would be the nearby Asian locale that I want to go to the most. Somewhere in Korea, probably Seoul since I know nothing about Korea, was in second place, but the lure of buying cheap counterfeit goods and eating cheap delicious food easily wins it for HK. Also Derek is over there so I can hang out with him. There are a few Japanese travel sites and such that I’ve been looking at, with super cheap fares, but they seem too good to be true. It looks like they either don’t include the charges and fuel taxes, or they’re really cheap but you don’t even know what airline or flight you’ll be on until really close to the departure day. Seems a little sketch for me. I’ll prolly just stick with trustworthy ol’ Expedia and take myself a vacation.

Anyone have any good recommendations for finding cheap flights, or on what to do in HK?