AEON updated my school’s website, with some new pictures of us fake-talking to a student. (Mosaics have been applied to protect the innocent):

Yes, I really care about your English dreams!

At first, nothing seems too strange, right? Oh, wait a minute! I’m speaking Japanese! But I thought that I was strictly forbidden to speak Japanese with students, especially in the Lobby of the school! Something is fishy here.

Also, why am I saying something so stupid!? I’m saying “AEON has a system where you can change your class’s day and time,” with a music note to imply that I am singing this in a melody to a student who has been going to the school for several years. Not only do I sound like some kind of psycho who sings in the lobby, but I’m telling her something that she already fully knows.

At least they could have made it more realistic to what I would say in the lobby if I was allowed to speak Japanese. Ha, ha.