I’m moving this Sunday into the new place. Unfortunately, after that I’ll be without an internet connection for a bit – maybe even for a month or so.

Right now I’m using NTT’s 光フレッツ (Hikari Flets) fiber optic service, which has been great. My new apartment building is actually hard-wired for fiber internet through B Flets. I thought that I would be able to just maybe change my account and plug in once I moved, but I was wrong. Turns out first NTT is going to have to come to my old apartment to uninstall my fiber modem next Thursday, then there’s some kind of “construction” they have to do at my new Chiba apartment. They told me the earliest they can come is in about a month. I don’t exactly know what kind of construction or installation is necessary since there is a fiber/ethernet jack in the new room already. The lady on the phone also used the word 説明 a few times, which means explanation, so I hope this isn’t some kind of formality where the guy has to explain to me how to plug my computer in correctly. I’m going to call them back again tomorrow and see what’s up and if there’s any way I can get this done quicker. I don’t understand how internet installation appointments here can take a month or so to set up. Remember my fiasco getting this fiber line in the first place last Fall?

I started my apartment search on August 20, found a place, and will be moving in on September 9. It took less than 3 weeks for this whole process to happen, yet somehow the national phone and telecommunications company can’t send a guy out for a month. Even stranger is that they can have a guy come to uninstall in less than a week, but the installation guy can’t be scheduled in that same amount of time. Some things don’t make sense to me in this country.