During my internet drought period, I was at the nearby Popeye internet cafe one night checking e-mail and Facebook, drinking Qoo, and eating free ice cream. At one point I decided to check out my own blog to see if there were any new comments, etc. I typed the URL in and was then greeted by this heart-stopping message: (click to see bigger version)

Oops. I remembered getting a message from GoDaddy saying my domain name was expiring and it had auto-renewed, but I forgot that I had to renew my web host. Luckily all I had to do was renew it online and my site was back up and running in a few hours. So for maybe 4 or 5 days, from around September 20-24, my site was down. Sorry to any of you who were desperate to see pictures of me and giant mascot characters and were unable to for those few days. It’s not like I was blogging or adding any new content during that time anyway.

Nick was at the internet cafe that night as well during his trip up to Kanto, so he can vouch for how freaked out I was at my site being down, as he sat there laughing as I rushed to renew my web host from an internet cafe at around midnight.