Got back to Japan on Sunday night around 9PM, after the flight was delayed almost 3 hours due to a typhoon they had in Japan Saturday night local time. LA and St Louis were both pretty awesome; it was a nice vacation from…living in Japan? Haha. Either way it was great. I feel like I’m recharged and ready to find a real job.

Actual physical recharged-ness will come later, since I’m also completely jet lagged and off schedule. I seemed to be fine on Monday, waking up in the morning, working in the evening, etc. I was completely beat though, passed out for a few hours, woke up, and spent pretty much all of Tuesday either falling asleep or watching The Office, which I’m glad I started watching because it’s amazing. I’ve been up now since 3AM, and am debating whether or not to go back to sleep or to shower and go find some breakfast.

I’ll write some wrap ups from my American adventure later this week. I started my Monday and Wednesday evening teaching job, and also have some other work this week. It’s good to be back, although my apartment seemed extra small after being in the States for almost 2 weeks.