This whole not-having-much-to-do thing is really throwing my sleep schedule off. I might as well be back to 2 summers ago when I was in Bloomington having not much to do. After a midnight shopping trip to Don Quixote, the randomest chain of department-type store in Japan, I’ve managed to somehow make it to 7AM. Probably not the best idea. I don’t even know what I do when I stay up this late. Tonight I guess it was a combination of writing a long blog in Japanese on mixi, passively watching 2 movies, hooking up my external HD, and taking care of e-mail.

Now here’s my dilemma. I have the Pelican Express guy coming sometime between 9AM and 12 to pick up a package: the Gyao equipment I was accidentally sent even though NTT was supposed to cancel my contract with them. I need them to pick this thing up today, because if they don’t, I could potentially get charged for a month of Gyao TV service that I’m not going to use. So I could go to sleep and hope that the doorbell/intercom would wake me up, or I could just struggle and stay up until the guy comes. I’m thinking I might not wake up if I fall asleep, but I could also potentially have another 5 hours to have to stay awake when I’m already feeling tired.