I wrote these short entries this morning on my phone, then cleaned them up for grammar and stuff. Can’t believe I waited in line for a video game. I’m really tired…

outside Yodobashi Camera Chiba, after I already got my game

6:53AM Just got in line. I’m 19th. There are surprisingly 3 females here and they’re as you would expect for a video game line. I’ll leave it at that. The line is pretty much silent. It’s balls cold, of course. I feel like I don’t belong here, but I guess I do.

7:08 There are 3 more guys behind me now but also 3 more in front. I think they were just out getting drinks or food, but thats BS. I’m half tempted to say something since I know no one else will. Ate a conbini-bought sandwich. Am now out of things to do.

7:13 An old woman just got in line. Probably not just lost. WTF

7:35 A staff member just came out to do a quick survey of what everyone’s here to buy. It looks like almost everyone’s here for Smash. He said, of course, that stock is limited. I think they’re going to see how many they have so they don’t have to make people wait if they don’t have enough.

7:55 Guy just came by to do tallys. I’m like Smash #16 so I think I should be good. They’re asking about controllers and stuff too. I think its just a matter of waiting now.

8:07 Lines way long now. I’d say I’m about a third of the line away from the front. It’s also funny when you see someone walking down the street and you just KNOW he’s going to get in the video game line. And of course he does.

8:23 I’m getting bored of people-watching all these morning commuters.

8:29 They started!

8:41 2 special registers are now open to sell this stuff. They’re an hour early though so this is sweet.

8:45 GOT IT! (cold victory pic)