A lot has been going on. I’ve got two friends visiting Japan now, so I’ve been doing things with them, showing them around and stuff like that. This past weekend there was a big reunion at Y’s, and a festival on Sunday. I’m also looking for a new job and stuff still, and one of the offers has a decision deadline of very soon. I need to decide if I should take it or wait for something else. I would have thought that once I had an offer it would make life easier, but it’s actually making things tons more difficult and there’s a lot more pressure. A lot has been going on.

At the same time, I woke up on Saturday and via e-mail found out about a loss in the family, which is tough. Obviously and honestly, it’s just tough. So really, it’s been a busy past week or two, and I’ll catch the blog up on most of this stuff soon. For now though, it might be a few days until I add anything new.