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Got milk? NO

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Seriously, how does milk spoil so fast? I bought a little jug of milk on Sunday and barely used/drank a third of it. It’s Wednesday night now and its already starting to smell bad. There goes the 3 or 4 bucks I spent on that jug of milk. I know my fridge isn’t bad or anything, or else all of my food would be spoiled. Jeez. I’m only going to buy the little bottles or cartons from now on. No more wasting half gallons of the stuff.

Tonight was the live Hoosier Date show at the Bluebird. It was fun, but a lot of work. I’m way too tired to write about it now, but I’ll get to it soon. Also will probably post some pics.

A quick non-Japan note: IUSTV

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IUSTV seems to be popping into my head every once in a while. In a way, I think more than classes or school, I am looking forward to going back to IU to work at IUSTV (student TV organization). I’ve been away from it for some time now, but I’m really looking forward to getting back in and starting up a new show or two. I’ll also get back to do some work on Hoosier Date?, our dating show, to make it even better. Honestly, it took me a long time to figure out how to “manage” stuff there right. I mean, I had almost an entire semester in charge of a team that pretty much did nothing and failed. With the new Programming Team, I was able to get the dating show started, and I actually had something to show for my work. I want to get even more TV shows made this spring, which means I’m going to have to kick the entire team into gear. I have a feeling that a bunch of people are going to quit once I get started again. Once I weed out the stragglers, and get some new staff who are really there to get stuff done, it will be awesome (and a lot of fun).

And on that note, would you guys kindly post (under comments here) what kinds of TV shows you think would be good for a student TV station? Please? Note that “student” means fairly low budget, and something that students would want to watch. I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head, and need to sort them out. Also, my own odd taste and that I’ve seen so much strange Japanese TV lately probably puts me a bit out of sync with what would really be popular…

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So far today has definitley been one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. First, took my Japanese test and did really well on it. Hardly any uncertainties. Then, picked up a few copies of “The Herald Times” (Bloomington newspaper), with a story about Hoosier Date? smack dab on the front page. I was quoted in the article even! Anyways, after that, Dad and Alex came to visit. Had lunch, showed Al the campus, etc. It would be good if he went to IU, even if I’m not here next fall (going to Japan!)

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After working on Hoosier Date? stuff yesterday for about 8.5 hours (mainly filming the entire first episode), I decided that today would be one of my first days off from IUSTV, school, you name it. I slept until about 1:30, played Pokemon for an hour or two, watched some movies, and went out to goof around (weather was really good today). That’s about it….I suppose I should go back to the regular grindstone tomorrow. Tokyo isn’t too far away now….

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