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Feast fit for a Colonel

Ah, delicious

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans, either in the states or somewhere else in the world. I had my feast today, although I didn’t want to bother trying to hunt down turkey in Japan. I’m sure it’s around, but I’m far too lazy to hunt for a food that is bound to be way expensive here. To compensate, I had a feast at KFC in Chiba. While they don’t have mashed potatoes and they biscuits aren’t the same as in the US (they tasted more like donuts without sugar), it was still a good meal.

Happy Turkey Day!

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It’s Thanksgiving Thursday, at least here in ol’ Nippon. Of course, I’m not gonna get to eat a proper dinner of turkey and stuffing tonight, so I’m trying to think of what to do. I’m thinking I could go to CostCo and get some chicken and/or pizza, or I could try to just have the most non-thanksgiving thanksgiving ever, like with sushi or something. Hmmmm gotta think. KFC sounds good too.

Anyone remember this? Nothing but class:

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