Haha so I had a great time making fun of Pat for leaving his business card at Fazoli’s for this girl the other day, whom we finally decided was probably around 18 or 17. Thought for sure she was a high school kid.

Just a little while ago, while browsing the IDS website (I do this often for some reason), I saw a picture on the Campus section:

Seriously, she could have been in high school

It should be the only main picture on there, 2 girls, 1 is blonde (this will probably only be up for a day or two). That blonde girl was the Fazoli’s breadstick girl whom Pat left his business card for. And she is an alumna of IU.

So sorry, Pat, she was not 16 and you’?re not more of a pedophile for this incident. Still, you left your business card for the Fazoli’s girl. And for that, it is still a very very funny story. Cue the theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm and cut to black, then credits.

Edit: Feb 14, 1:04AM – IDS changed the link, so I replaced that with the actual pic. Credit to IDS for the photo.