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Funny story of the day: I went to Circuit City this afternoon (after eating lunch with my Final Case team), and picked up a spindle of DVD+Rs.  I got home, opened the shrinkwrap and… the spindle was filled with USED DVD-Rs, USED CD-Rs, and even about 15 of those clear CD-shaped discs that are supposed to be on the top of new spindles.  I was so pissed.  All the stuff was Korean dramas and such.  My suspicious is that some guy repackaged some junk discs, re-shrunkwrapped the spindle, and returned it for cash.  Grrrrrr

At least Circuit City let me exchange the junk spindle for a new one.  I opened it there to make sure it was what it was supposed to be. 

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What do you people (the very few who read this) think would be better for Japan?:

a) get my Playstation 2 modded, then take it over to Japan (I could burn games with my laptop)

b) buy a Japanese PS2, and play (bought) Japanese games

c) take my US PS2 and play only US games that I bring with me

d) not play PS2 in Japan at all; just play Gameboy Advance (no regional lockout)

I’m leaning towards (a), since I have a DVD+R drive on my laptop now.  However, I dunno if I want to lug the PS2 overseas with me.  It’s not the smallest piece of equipment, after all.

VH1’s Programming

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So lately I seem to be watching VH1 every once in a while.  I think it started with the I Love the 90’s show (which definitely brings back a lot of memories).  Not a good channel really, but something to keep on in the background when you’re on the computer.

I came home tonight from a 5 hour study/laptop session at the library, and turned on VH1 since it actually had a show on that at least held my interest for the first few seconds.  Then it hit me (it’s occurred to me before, but even more now): all of VH1’s shows are the same!  I Love the [70’s, 80’s, 90’s], A to Z, The Fabulous Life of … , Biggest Celebrity Beefs, The Best Week Ever, countless others I probably missed and/or have never seen.  Each and every once of them is done in the same format, same style, same everything.  They’re decent shows if you watch them every once in a while, I suppose, but come on VH1… how boring and unimaginative can you get?  The setup for every one of these programs is identical: sit guests (usually celebrities of varying degrees) in front of a backdrop, have them talk, show random stock video clips and stock photos over this, throw in some graphics, and voila!: you have a VH1 show. 

I can understand the I Love the…’0s series being done in the same fashion, but to have an entire lineup of programs done in the same cookie-cutter format is pretty ridiculous.  Maybe in my beginnings as IUSTV’s programming director, I think about this kind of thing more than some people would.  But surely, if you sit and watch about 3 episodes on VH1, of “different” shows, you will quickly see how boring the format is.  I’m sure they have the same staff working on several of these shows.  They probably share the same small set (just swap out the background).  They probably even have the same team of people in charge of gathering video clips and images.  Who knows; the format is so boring and unoriginal that they might have a computer program doing a lot of their editing for them.

Maybe VH1’s main purpose as a channel isn’t to create innovative programming; if they’re just trying to take up time, they’re doing a good job.  If all of their shows weren’t so similar, they’d be great.  But the fact that they’re all done in the exact same format just takes a lot away from it.  And it’s not like they exactly have (m)any other (notable) shows to take away from this lack of originally that is their programming schedule.  Did I mention that they love to run 5 or more episodes of the same program in a row?  And that’s not on special occasion (like a marathon or something); that’s their normal scheduling habit.

I’m fairly certain that within a few years, IUSTV will have a good variety of programming.  And I can honestly say that our programming schedule will be more original and varied than VH1’s is right now.  Hell, it would be easy to make a “VH1-style” show for IUSTV right now, but I don’t really know if I should stoop that low.

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Ops is over.  Marketing tomorrow; Finance and Strategy after that…

I’m becoming used to being at the library very late in the night/early in the morning.

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I just finished my last Ops lecture, and I’m in the library again.  I’ve been averaging about 4 hours a day or more here, for the last 4 days.  Hopefully it will be worth it and I can do decent on my finals next week.  Then I’ve got a 1 day break in Baltimore for the L’arc concert, then back here for a week and a half of “the case,” which means (probably) a lot of work in a concentrated amount of time.  Then I have about 3 days to pack up everything, go to St. Louis for a week, and head to Japan.

This next month is going to fly by.  Leave me comments.

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Today’s definitley been one of those “see random people” days. I saw: Boner-san from Japanese class when I was going to Wright, Jimmy James when I was leaving Wright, Josie when I was going to the Dragon, Graham when I was leaving the Dragon, and Bola-san from Japanese class when I went to the gas station. I’m at the main library now, trying to work on Ops homework…wonder if I’ll see anyone else randomly.

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