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The Knights Return

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Amazing news. While DJ Ozma was entertaining and interesting while it lasted, causing families across the country to complain to NHK about fake nudity, it just wasn’t the same as good old Kishidan. Luckily, however, after almost a year and a half, Kishidan has returned with a new album, SIX SENSES. It comes out on March 28th, for 3000 yen retail. It will most likely be awesome, as you can tell by the album cover:

Six Senses

Thanks to Bryan for finding out this news on the Mixi group. I am getting an exciting punch perm in anticipation.

Kishidan Official Site page for the album
(also where I stole the picture)



CD playlist I’ve been listening to pretty much the same CD in my car since the middle of December. This includes the 4 (er, 3.5) hour trip to and back from St. Louis. I should probably make a new CD sometime soon, but this one has been working pretty well. I also have Jihen’s “Kyoiku” and the Kishidan Singles Collection in the car, that I’ve listed to once or twice. And yes I realize this mix has an extremely high percentage of J-pop, but oh well. You listen to that crap also, don’t lie.



I was going through my iTunes Library and realized how many songs I have that I don’t listen to (usually I just play my “Anthony” playlist which has everything that’s good). I remembered that I have John Mayer’s “Neon” song. Why would I have such a gay song?

My friend Ricky from high school said one time at a party (he was pretty drunk I think) that the “Neon, Neon” verse sounds like “Leong, Leong.” Now that I listen to it again (yes, I am right now), he’s right…I guess kinda.

My iTunes Top 25 Most Played list


I was bored and thought this might be interesting in some way.
Curious? Click the thumb:

New best song ever maybe

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Everyone has to hear this. It’s a weird rap song or something featuring BOB SAGET (from Full House). Click here to hear it streaming. I really want the MP3 though.

The song includes the has-been star rapping, as well as lyrics like:
Rollin’ with Bob, Bob Saget…
the illest mothafu**a in a cardigan sweater

Kishidan takes over the world

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Kishidan never ceases to amaze me. I just downloaded (er, I mean…bought. yeah, bought) their new single, and as it turns out, this song will be the theme for the new “One Piece” movie in Japan. One Piece is this anime about a pirate crew or something. I’ve read some of the comic, never really got into it. Apparently Kishidan is a huge fan of the show (their blog makes it look like Hoshi Granmarnier is the main one. since he’s the big dork of the group, that makes sense). I also found out that Dragon Voice Ayano Kouji, the leader, is also doing a voice in the movie. Kishidan is slowly taking over ever media outlet in Japan, which means that’s another reason why I have to go back. Haha. Oh, and the cover of the CD is Kishidan drawn by the One Piece artists. Awesome:

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