So I did the whole high-school presentation thing today for a few hours. I don’t know if the people who were supposed to be listening to me soaked up anything, but at least maybe it will inspire them to make something. It’s all going to be up to them, Donnelly can’t really teach them to do anything and I don’t think he is going to force them. I realize that a majority of the people in there, like when I attended LHS, don’t really care about what’s going on, and they’re just in there to screw around. I don’t blame them; there’s not much structure really. But hey, when I was there at least I would make stuff. I dunno, I’m not worrying about it or anything, although it would be nice if they can at least keep that department open and running until someone can get in there and whip them into shape.

Went and saw The Last Samurai tonight, also. EXCELLENT movie….wish I would have seen it earlier. I’m almost tempted to go see it again, maybe sometime the next week or two when classes aren’t too heavy yet. And now I’m enjoying the last episode of Unscrewed on TechTV that I will watch while I’m in town, as I pack up my stuff to go back to Bloomington tomorrow. Computer’s going off now also….