Well crap. Got a mini-tour of the video facilities and stuff at Kanda Bld. 6, and the G4 lab only has 2 programs for video editing: iMovie and Adobe Premiere. iMovie is basic and not good for anything but photo slideshows (I’ll be making one of those for the IES Sayonara Party). For my Super Hero movie though, Premiere puts a bit of a damper on my plans. It’s Premiere 6.5, which I’ve used before, but only once at the beginning of freshman year. I think I can remember the basics, but I’m not nearly as good or comfortable with it as I am with Final Cut. Oh man, hopefully I can do something with it. I think Ari knows the program fairly well; might have to enlist his help.

And right now I’m watching Pokemon Advanced on TV. Man this show sucks now. They’re having a beauty contest or something.