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It’s 11:11PM on a Monday night, and I am just now getting ready to leave the Main Library. I got here at noon today, left from 2:30 to 4:30 for a class, and then came back here to work. Marketing project = not fun. Anyways, this is the longest I’ve ever been in the library I think (at least lately), and it’s kind of weird. Not as crowded as usual, since most of the campus has left early for Thanksgiving. Also pretty much every girl I saw or heard was a dirty hippy; quite the opposite from the usual hot asian chicks. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting near the window in the corner.

I’m going home probably early Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving break. I’ll be in St. Louis until Sunday morning. It’s the first time I’ve been home since August 1, and even then it was only for like a day or two (right after I got back from Japan). It’s going to be fun I think; see family, etc. Anyway I also really am starting to have withdrawal for my actual website. There will be a bunch of blog posts that will “appear” all at once when my domain finally gets back up and running (I re-registered last Thursday morning; hurry up!!!!)

Also, congrats to the F-Man for getting into IU Med School. You’re living the dream!!

I’m sitting in the library on a Sunday night, working on some M343 (database marketing, super fun) homework. I’m directly across from one of the laser printers in the lab (Indigo, if you’re that curious), and for the last 5 or so minutes have been cracking up to myself at someone else’s misfortune.

There’s this guy, kind of short and stocky, dreadlocks, sandals, etc, and he must be having the worst night ever. I think he’s having problems printing something, as he’s sitting right near the printer with the most pissed off face I’ve ever seen. He was, for a while, leaning over the machine, as if that would help. Then some other people came up to get their printouts, forcing him to sit back on a little table and look even more pissed off. Actually he also looks like he’s going to cry.

Now he’s back at his computer (which is right behind me), and I think he’s having problems still. When his last thing didn’t print right, for the second time I saw, he crumpled it up and huffed back to his desk. I’m sorry, but this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Oh, and now he’s back at the printer, looking at a printout intently. Hahahahahahahaha.

Loud keitai!

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Well I’m sitting here at the SALC (computer lab type place at Kanda) with Seth. We just ate a bunch of food at the cheap (quality, not price. almost like America) Chinese buffet. Derek just called me a minute ago, and man my phone must be the loudest device on the planet. I didn’t turn it on silent, and the thing was going nuts. Oh, it’s also the same ring tone as Kamen Rider Kaixa uses in the show, because I’m that awesome.

Maybe Mario Kart (Super Famicom/SNES) tonight at Isoroku’s. Koopa will dominate.


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Well crap. Got a mini-tour of the video facilities and stuff at Kanda Bld. 6, and the G4 lab only has 2 programs for video editing: iMovie and Adobe Premiere. iMovie is basic and not good for anything but photo slideshows (I’ll be making one of those for the IES Sayonara Party). For my Super Hero movie though, Premiere puts a bit of a damper on my plans. It’s Premiere 6.5, which I’ve used before, but only once at the beginning of freshman year. I think I can remember the basics, but I’m not nearly as good or comfortable with it as I am with Final Cut. Oh man, hopefully I can do something with it. I think Ari knows the program fairly well; might have to enlist his help.

And right now I’m watching Pokemon Advanced on TV. Man this show sucks now. They’re having a beauty contest or something.

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Ops is over.  Marketing tomorrow; Finance and Strategy after that…

I’m becoming used to being at the library very late in the night/early in the morning.

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I just finished my last Ops lecture, and I’m in the library again.  I’ve been averaging about 4 hours a day or more here, for the last 4 days.  Hopefully it will be worth it and I can do decent on my finals next week.  Then I’ve got a 1 day break in Baltimore for the L’arc concert, then back here for a week and a half of “the case,” which means (probably) a lot of work in a concentrated amount of time.  Then I have about 3 days to pack up everything, go to St. Louis for a week, and head to Japan.

This next month is going to fly by.  Leave me comments.

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