OK everyone, let’s get me a free iPOD! Yeah, yeah you see these stupid links everywhere, I know. I do too. But hey, I saw something on TechTV over break, and apparently it works, they just take forever to get you your iPod. Has anyone actually gotten theirs? Post a comment here or something, I’m curious.

But hey, you! Sign up with the link below, and do one of the easy offers. I need a few more people to do it. The eFax one and the Stamps.com look really easy. I did the efax one for another iPod offer to help a friend out, and it took literally like 3 days from start to finish. You sign up with your credit card, let them approve it on the iPod site, then go to their website to cancel your account. EASY AS PIE. Even if you don’t want a free iPod yourself (if you have one, get another), you could help me out. Yeah I’m a loser, but I’d like a free gadget.
Click it—> http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=13619170