Here is the last post of what may very well be my last summer vacation (from school at least), ever. At the very least, it’s the last post of summer vacation 2005. It’s about 3:30AM, and I have a meeting at 10. Yeah, a meeting before classes even start. Yay. Anywho, I feel like this is the first time (maybe in my life) that I haven’t prepared for a new semester of classes. When you’re in elementary school, you have all your school supplies and crap packed in your bookbag, ready to go. Then you end up doing pretty much the same thing in middle school, although by then you also have a folder with papers and stuff. Then in high school, you don’t care quite as much but there’s always the binder of papers, and you care about who you’re going to see and talk to at school. College starts, and you have to actually get your books on your own, make it to class (after finding the building) and all that jazz. Usually, I’m pretty prepared, have books, etc by the start of classes. Well, this year, for some reason or another, I’ve done pretty much NOTHING. I haven’t gone to the bookstore to buy any books, I haven’t dug my bookbag from my room, I haven’t emptied out the papers in my binder from last spring, haven’t put pens or pencils in my bag. Heck, the most I’ve done was print out a syllabi and some Powerpoint slides from OnCourse about an hour ago.

There was no reason for that entire first paragraph, just pointing out that I don’t care about classes right now. Maybe it’s not that, just that I don’t care about preparing anymore. Textbook-wise, I’m going to wait until tomorrow night or Tuesday night to decide 1) if I really even need to buy the books, 2) if I should get them here in town or online. I’ve never actually bought textbooks online, but checking out the other day, it looks like I can get a lot of those big textbooks for much cheaper than the used ones at TIS or the IU Bookstore. Only problem with buying them online is that I think they’re cheaper versions (called “International”), and also it would probably take over a week to get delivered. Not like I ever really read my textbooks anyway.

In other blog news (nothing of importance), I’ve been watching this Japanese drama show lately (thanks to BitTorrent, of course), called Densha Otoko (電車男). It’s pretty sweet, although definitely pretty cheesy at times. It started broadcasting in July while I was there, but I never really have time to watch shows regularly in Japan. Plus this way I can download a bunch and watch them in a row. This show is an interesting story in itself. Apparently, a year or two ago on this huge Japanese BBS called 2ch, there were posts from a huge dork that saved a girl on a train, and the two ended up falling in love and getting together or somat. The “actual” posts from the BBS, which documented this story of them meeting and getting together, posted by the guy himself, was printed into a book, which became a best-seller in Japan. Now there is this TV show, a movie, comics, etc based on this story. Some people say this is all fake, and some that it really is a true story. Whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s a cool show. Also, Misaki Ito plays the chick, and she is like the hottest girl I have ever seen. So that’s one of the Japanese shows I’ve been watching lately. And since I haven’t posted any pictures in my blog in a while, here is some stuff from Densha Otoko:

Densha Otoko logo

And to wrap up this post and this summer vacation up, I leave you with an image of the funniest sight all week: Nick Roberts showing up in my apartment when everyone is over, wearing a huge leather coat with a fur collar and cuffs. Nick truly is a man of style (what kind, I do not know). Laugh, and enjoy the fall everyone. I’m going to bed. Back to being a hard working student!