I don’t know how this started, I think it’s because I have my free cable (uhh don’t read this Insight Communications), but I’m back in some kind of Iron Chef frenzy. I think I first got into this show back in high school, definitely before it was really popular. Heck, most of you probably know (or were even around) for when me and my friends went and made 2 of our own Iron Chef parody films. Good times. Anyways, time for a bit of a rant on how sweet this show is.

I’m not going to summarize the show that much, because by this day in age, I think most people have seen or at least know what good ol’ Iron Chef is about. I’m not sure exactly what I like so much about this show. I like some cooking shows already. I like Japanese TV (sometimes, although those variety shows get on my nerves after a while). I think maybe I just like goofy stuff and the theatrics of Iron Chef. Actually, I’m pretty sure that is a big part of it, because although I enjoy the actual cooking, the whole introduction part is always great to me. Seriously, I think this must be the greatest TV show ever created. Only some crazy Japanese guy could have thought to make a cooking show, make it with all the theatrics of like WWF wrestling or something, give the chefs goofy multi-colored costumes (remember Japan also made Power Rangers), give them rising platforms, lots of smoke, etc. This show is awesome. I could talk for a long time about how sweet the set is alone. It’s enormous!

OK, enough for now, this post is already dorky enough. And also I’m watching Battle Asparagus on TV right now.