Ah, Namja Town. Quite possibly one of the happiest places in Japan, and for sure one of the tastiest. For those who don’t know what it is, pretty much this place is the Golden Saucer from Final Fantasy VII, only instead of fighting in the Stadium, you eat gyoza (pot stickers). Tons of different variaties of delicious gyoza. There is also Ice Cream City, and a Cream Puff Town, and rides, etc. It’s like a food amusement park. Amazing indeed.

Going along with my recent abundance of free time (ahem), I’ve started exploring Mixi quite a bit. It’s like a Japanese Facebook or MySpace. The groups/communities on there are really kind of cool, because they’re more like mini message boards. Going along with the whole “community” title, you also have event calendars and other things in each group that you can use to communicate with the other members. Of course I joined the Namja Town group, and saw an event posting earlier today for private event at Namja Town, on Sunday at 4PM. now that's a giant puddingJapan time-wise, this is already going on as I type this. At the Sokkuri Sweets Museum, they have a 3.5 LITER GIANT PURIN! Holy crap. Japanese purin is pretty much the exact same as flan, but 3.5 liters of it?? Absolutely amazing. Apparently they’ve done this in the past before, but I don’t think it’s available all the time (these pictures are from past events). It costs about 6000 yen (about $60 USD), and you’re supposed to split it with at least 6 people, so you’ll pay less than 10 bucks to stuff yourself with pudding. Who’s up for the challenge?

Special thanks to Air-Wind-san, who let me use his pictures.
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Namja Town official site
Mixi site (if you know Japanese)