I’m back at home in St. Louis now, for a week or so. The drive back was pretty uneventful; I was able to make it in a little under 4 hours, which is good time. There was some middle aged guy in a purple Toyota minivan on I-70 who really liked tailgating me, so of course I had to show him what driving is all about. Unfortunately, we did not get into a Tokyo drifting race, but I sped way ahead of him nonetheless. I haven’t been back home since I left from winter break in January, so it’s nice being able to see the fam and relax. Apparently, one of my uncles is in town from California as well, the one that I haven’t seen in a few years. I’ve never met his wife either, although they’ve been married since before I was born. We might be having a huge Leong family dinner on Friday night, so this should be interesting.

In other St. Louis news, I have a “secret interview” tomorrow, but I’m not going to talk much about it yet. We’ll see what (if anything) comes from it.