How in the world did I forget this last story of my Seoul adventure? The night before I left Seoul (Sunday the 12th), I was packing my stuff up and watching MythBusters, which may be one of the most interesting TV shows ever. I had a shuttle ticket purchased and ready for the next morning, which would get me from my hotel to the City Air Terminal near COEX Mall, and from there to Incheon Airport. I found out the night before that this Air Terminal has check-in services available for several airlines, including Asiana, which I was using. This was just like Hong Kong’s, I figured, which was an amazing service last time. I assumed I could check in, send my luggage on it’s way, reserve a nice window seat, and be on my way.

I didn’t realize until stepping up to the Asiana Air Terminal counter, however, that they require you to check-in 3 hours before your flight here. I was 2 hours before. The lady at the counter told me I needed to check in at the airport itself, and to “please hurry up.” I was boned. The bus ride from the Air Terminal to the airport takes about an hour, which means I wouldn’t get to check in until an hour before my international flight. Things weren’t looking good. After arriving, I booked it to the Asiana counter about 45 minutes before planned departure time. “The flight is full…” My mind started to race with schemes and ideas of how I would con my way out of this mess. Luckily, I didn’t need to worry, since her next words were “…so I’ve upgraded you to Business Class.” Wait, what!? I don’t know what good deed I did in the past to deserve this, but I wasn’t going to complain. I didn’t have time anyway, since I had to book it to the gate. But yeah, I was late of my own fault but was instead rewarded for my tardiness.

Business Class was pretty nice. This was the first time I’ve flown anything but Economy (when did we stop calling it Coach?). But yeah, the seat was fully mechanical, adjustable, and reclineable. I had my own personal screen and remote, which Asiana doesn’t offer in Economy, tons of arm room, wide selection of English magazines and newspapers, but best of all was the improved food service. I was given a glass of champagne as soon as I sat down. The meal was a small steak that, while not restaurant food, was leaps and bounds better than usual airplane food. Bread baskets and wine bottles came around routinely during the meal to give you refills. Overall, Business Class was very enjoyable and I wish that I had more than just a short 2-hour flight to experience it. I likely won’t pay for this upgraded service anytime soon, but I am trying my hardest to think of schemes to get this upgrade for free. There’s gotta be a way. Having this for 12 hours back to the US would be really nice, even though I usually sleep the whole time.