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Goodbye Ashton

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Went to check out Ashton yesterday. After a few years of the usual campus politics and paperwork, they finally got to tearing the place down. Here are some demolition pictures of the old IUSTV office. Also notice that people had already broken into the demolition area to graffiti the walls. Here are some pictures; I’ll try and note what part of the former office you’re looking at, for any IUSTV-related people reading this. These pictures weren’t necessarily taken by me, since I would never trespass into a dangerous demolition zone…

If you were standing in the conference room looking towards the control room:
conference room

If you looked towards the exec cubicles and front windows (yes, there is no wall):

“Mr. B” is standing in the conference room where the TV was:
Mr. B

“Mr. A” is standing where the old bathroom used to be. That smell is finally gone!

Who knows how many hours I spent in this building over the past few years. Goodbye old office.


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It’s finally started. The construction in the new IUSTV Read office is done, and we’re beginning to move our stuff from Ashton to Read. We got the keys Wednesday afternoon. The next few weeks are going to be hectic and a pain in the ass, but once we’re done, it’s going to be AWESOME.

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