This goofy looking guy’s name is George Williams:

He is on Japanese TV, and if you ever get a chance to see him, you will agree that he is the most annoying person on television ever. He’s not even American (after about 2 minutes of research, I found out he is half British and half Japanese), but he MUST be giving Americans a horrible horrible name in this country.

I’m going to make this as short as possible, but it is bound to be long, as it is a rant. This guy has pink hair, but apparently last week it was green. He overpronounces everything (which might not be totally bad, as he is on a show to teach people English), but the main problem is the way he moves and his facial expressions. It looks like with every word, he is forcing a pumpkin out of his crotch. His Japanese is actually good (probably he was raised here), but he pulls off the “douchebag foreigner” image 100%. He is going bald, dyes his hair a new color every week I suppose, and dresses like an old man on vacation, ie flowered shirts, khaki shorts, random accessories, etc.

I am embarrassed to watch this guy on TV, same as the other 2 or 3 “main” Americans on TV shows here. Another is a guy named Patrick. Not as bad, but still annoying as hell. Anyway, just needed to vent about this George Williams guy. His show is only 15 minutes, thank goodness, but he is annoying enough to irritate you for the entire next day. Ari and Mike agree with me on this. If I ever see this guy walking around the street, I will seriously consider kicking him in the groin and laughing. End of rant.