Finally got around to dropping my L101, intro to guitar, class. Funny how I dropped it because I was too busy to practice, then I ended up being so busy that it took me an entire week to get to the right offices to actually drop the class. I’m not sure if that’s irony or one of those words that I don’t use correctly, but I guess it just shows that I really don’t have time to practice a musical instrument. Let’s not talk about talent though.

I always talk about how I’m really busy, and in reality I guess I am. Sometimes. I also tend to slack off a lot, however, wasting huge chunks of time watching TV, playing on the computer, or playing video games. I guess everyone needs their recreation. Classes thus far into the semester don’t seem too bad; I think I’ll be able to keep up just fine, studying and actually doing some work for them. I really am glad that I’m done with (most of the) prereqs, and that I actually get to take classes in my major. Isn’t that supposed to be the point of having a chosen major anyway? I’m going to try and keep myself at the library at least twice a week. Having to go to a campus computer to use the SPSS program in my M342 class for the homework due twice a week will be my main motivation to get my butt up there. Oh and of course the view.

Also, I got my IES grades back today. Well not physically, but they mailed it to my house and I had my mom read them to me. I got all ‘s except for in my History of Tokyo class, where I got a B, so that’s pretty good I think. I’ll be I could have gotten a little higher in that class if I wouldn’t have turned my (poorly done and hardly researched) final paper in like a week late and a few pages too short. Haha. Oh and Seth, if you get even close to what grade I got in Social Org, I am going to murder you dude. “Seth, just please turn in A paper.” Haha