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Censoring myself for once

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I was seriously going to post a long entry about some recent IUSTV-related stuff, but I decided I’d better not. Don’t want to throw grease on a fire, no matter how dumb a fire it is. If you want to know (you might already), just ask me. My feelings regarding it, however, can be summed up by my classic phrase “Nobody likes uppity bitches.”

Funny Naruto pic

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I’ve seen this picture/book many times, but I just thought I’d share it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it a little….weird. hahaha. Kakashi, what are you doing!?

Anthony’s Facebook picture rules

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OK kids, Facebook is really popular nowadays, because everyone wants something else to distract themselves from schoolwork. With that, here is a short rant…I mean guidelines for your profile pictures on Facebook. Agree, disagree, I don’t care. Well, just agree:

1) Drinking pictures – Well la-ti-da, you drink! Aren’t you special? (the answer is NO) No one needs to see a stupid picture of you with a beer bong, a bottle, or a red dixie cup in your hands. Actually, they’re boring.
2) Celebity pictures – Everyone knows at least someone with a digital camera, so put a REAL picture of yourself up; there are no excuses. You’re not MC Hammer, you’re not that metrosexual from the OC, and you’re most definitley not Brittany Spears.
3) Big pimpin’ pictures – Putting a picture of yourself with 3 or more people of the opposite sex doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like a huge dork.

That’s it for now. I thought I had more, but those 3 just about cover it. I even clicked through a few pages of “my network” to see what pictures sucked. Note that there are always exceptions, mainly if you’re only breaking one of the rules for comedic purposes. If you’re breaking the rules however, just realize that everyone who looks at your picture (especially those who arent your friends) thinks you’re a huge tool.

Edited at 12:34 by Anthony
I almost forgot this one:
4) Naked pictures – If you’re a guy or a non-attractive female, don’t put near-naked pictures of yourself up. Radez, this means you.

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