So I was grocery shopping today in-between classes to get some food and also some lunch, and there seemed to be a more-than-usual “2 for $…” deals, and also a few “3 for $…” deals. You know, it’s like “2 bags of chips for $4.” These have always been sort of an enigma to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. You’re always standing there wondering if you HAVE to buy 2 (or 3) to get the deal. Can you just pick up 1 and still get the special sale price? WELL ladies and gentlemen, the answer is NO. I asked the cashier and unless it says “Buy one get one free” or something to that effect, you can just buy 1 of the sale item and get the lower price. The wording must just be the marketing tactic to trick people into buying more than they need. Actually this time I decided to play it safe and did indeed buy 2 packs of soda and 3 bags of cheese cubes. But no more. Now that I have official word from the inside, I’m just buying one of everything from now on.

You’d think I would have actually just gone and asked an employee at some point in the past 21 years. Nah, I’m too lazy.

This was, of course, at the grocery store (Marsh). I think Sam’s Club might be different, maybe because everything there is in bulk. I was there over the weekend and I did indeed have to buy 2 bags of chips to get the deal. Oh man this is confusing. I don’t need 3 boxes of cookies!