I’ve noticed that when I’m not busy, I don’t post on here as much. I guess the constant sleeping and watching TV doesn’t require the distraction that I usually use this Blog for (when I’m supposed to be doing homework). This last week was one of the most relaxing/least busy this semester, so it was nice. It’s now the very beginning of the second-to-last week of classes. Two more weeks of this (only 8 days of classes), then some finals, and the year is over. I’m pretty happy about that. I have a few projects and such to finish up this week and stuff, but I’m not anticipating any of them to be too tough. Then finals, which shouldn’t be bad, and that’s all.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m doing this summer. Hopefully I’ll know that before the end of the month. My main two options are that FDA international internship, and then 1 other G-14 Classified mission. Lets see if either of those pull through. I think I can also get a few other internships, if I can get class credit. I’m not in the telecom school or anything, but maybe the B-school will help me pull some of these TV/media-related internships. TokyoPop translates Japanese comics for the US and they have an internship program I could probably get into fairly easily. Still, Japan would be my top choice. I dunno, I just want to get back there, even though realistically I will probably be working there in about a year.

I got bored last night and did this. Wow I’m a dork, haha:

Now off to the laundry mat to clean 2 weeks of clothes, then the office the work on the ice cream episode of Rate Your Plate.