OK so wow; I haven’t made a really substantial update on here in a long time. I’m sure that all three people out there in the world who read this blog constantly (all of whom I have probably never met) are just grinding their teeth wondering “what has become of Mr. Anthony Leong?!” Well, internet-stalkers, here we go, with a giant update of the last three weeks or so of my life.

I left Japan on July 28th. While I was planning on pulling an all-nighter before my flight, I accidentally fell asleep for longer than planned and had to rush to finish up all the packing and stuff in the morning. To make a long (and slightly funny yet slightly embarrassing) story short, I made it to Narita airport only about 30 minutes before take-off, thus missing my flight. After a few hours of waiting around at the airport, hanging out with Yuji, unsuccessfully waiting on stand-by for two flights to the US, they decided to transfer me to Singapore Air. This was actually a better deal for me, since it was a lot nicer than what United would have been. So I made my way to Los Angeles via airplane, got to sleep most of the way, watched some movies and TV on the flight. The nice thing about Singapore Air was that all the programming on the personal TVs (every seat has their own, as do most nice international planes) was on-demand. I don’t know if I’ve ever had this before. But instead of waiting for the movie you want to watch to finish then start-up again, you just use the remote and access what you want to watch. I watched an episode of Frasier and one of Arrested Development, saw the I, Robot movie that wasn’t as bad as I expected, and watched the first half of Kung-Fu Hustle. This was all after I slept for about 8 hours, having not slept much the night before.

After I finally made it to LA, I had a bit of time before my flight back to St. Louis. I got stopped by some Indian guy (from India, not native American), and he tried to get me to donate to his cult or whatever in exchange for some books about Indian religion. I lied (of course) and said I didn’t have much cash on me, and ended up giving him only like 120 yen and still got one of his weird little books. Nice omiyage, I guess. After that I got on a plane to StL and things were good. Now for another funny story: I’m sitting on the plane and hear the lady next to me talking about her son who graduated from Northwestern, something about law, something about marines, etc. Since I spent so much time in Japan this time watching Detective Conan, I think my detective skills were pretty polished or something, and I figured out that the lady sitting next to me flying to St. Louis was Bryan Reynolds’ (from IES Fall) mom! Wow what a weird coincidence. But his mom was busy talking, and I was really tired, so I went to sleep for most of the four hour flight. I woke up and near the end of the flight asked his mom if she was who I thought, and I was correct. Conan would be proud. And I did it without a bow-tie, stun-gun watch, and a crazy Professor friend. Well, that was a mystery solved. And thus I was back in America.

I only spent about three days back at home in St. Louis. I actually really liked it, even though I didn’t even leave the house for two whole days. My sleep schedule was still pretty messed up, but it was nice relaxing at home for a bit. I think I must be getting older or something but just sitting at home or hanging out with my parents is pretty nice nowadays. On Saturday morning I left with my parents to hit the road back to Indiana. I had to move out of my old apartment by the end of the month, which was kind of a pain in the butt as I would have rather just loafed at home for longer, but oh well. Spent all weekend moving and stuff from one apartment to the other with my parents, and that was that. I’m living in a new place now, it’s really nice. The set up is different from the old place, and while I think the new living room leaves a bit less space to have people over, it’s definitely better for me just being lazy by myself, which I probably do the most. And it’s not like I ever have masses of people over anyways, so it’s good.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back in Bloomington for over two weeks now. Things have seemed to just fall back into place like I never left. My schedule for now is really easy. The only thing I do every day is go work on IUSTV stuff at the office from around 1 to 4PM. Starting tomorrow, though, I’m having more important meetings, etc, so I suppose things will get a bit more intense. Hanging out with everyone (who’s back) has been great; I think senior year is going to be a lot of fun. I got the new Katamari game, and it’s awesome. I beat it in like two days, but like the first one, there’s so much replay value that you never really “beat” the game. I’m not especially looking forward to the start of classes, well at least not for the actually class work, but I guess there’s no real choice for that.

Well I think that’s a pretty decent entry. I do have to say, my life isn’t exactly amazingly exciting, but I’m going to keep doing this blog thing for a long time I think. I’ve said before that I don’t really care who reads this. I’m sure some friends and stuff read it, but mainly I think the reason I have this is so I can look at it a bit down the line and just see what I’d been doing, what I was thinking, etc. A journal or something like that, although it’s also fun to post up stupid stuff for other people to see. It seems like a few more people I know have blogs nowadays, so those are always fun to read when I’m bored. Now it’s time to plan a bit for my first Exec meeting of the fall IUSTV semester. I’m really in charge now, so it’s a good and weird feeling. That’s about it for now, I’m watching Iron Chef and just loafing around. Life is good, summer has been great, and this entry has officially become way to freaking long.