The other day I was walking around in the business school, and I saw a group of people that I have seen before. It was the b-school’s tech department or something: about 5 adults (read: faculty/staff members) who were coming back from lunch. They were definitely not professors or anything, but went into the I.T. room if my memory serves me right (and I think it does).

This little cluster of people, however, had to have been the most blatantly dorky group of adults I have seen in a long time. They all were dressed in weird colored slacks with golf shirts, each had about 4 electronic gadgets in various holsters on their belts, and were talking about, well, dorky stuff. It got me thinking: those cliches that people always talk about from high school pretty much never go away. I don’t think when you’re in college you notice them too much; I mean, there are a few definite and broad groups/categories of people (which I will not go into here; that’s a whole other article, and a much longer one at that), but in general you are friends with and interact with a much more varied group of people as a college student.

When you graduate and get a job, however, I have a feeling that they might come back all over again. The b-school tech guys, I mean, were obviously the kinds of folks who throughout middle and high school probably didn’t have a lot of friends, probably liked dorky stuff like Magic cards and Star Trek (haha no offense Frank), never talked to girls, and in general, were losers. Hey, guess what? They still are. Using the business school as the first group of people, I have a feeling that pretty much every company/group/organization of adults (meaning, people out of college) has these cliches. Groups probably interact with each other in much the same way they do in high schools. I’ll bet the tech guys at the b-school don’t talk to a lot of the female young staff (maybe the equivalent of the hot girls). Maybe there are equivalents of the goth kids, the jocks, the artsy kids, the weird crazy ones, and the uppity hippy types. I’m not going to waste my or your time by trying to relate all the groups from high school into old people groups, but I think it’s just interesting to think about I guess. Another brainfart.