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If you use Firefox to browse, I highly recommend upgrading to version 1.5. Why? Because when you use the comments feature here on THELEONG.COM, the older versions of Firefox screw it up and you have to scroll a little bit to the right. In version 1.5, it handles the window dimensions just fine and it looks GOOD.


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I’m back at home in St. Louis now. I never wrote about Thanksgiving break I don’t think since the page was down, but I had a really good time here. I think winter break is going to be the same way. Plus, it will be nice to actually get to relax for a few weeks. I’ll be doing some various IUSTV things (mainly writing policies, etc), but it won’t be like usual. I’m on BREAK! This is going to be awesome.

I’m going to try and hang out with friends from town and high school over break also, which I think will naturally happen. Also want to play a lot of video games and watch a lot of TV and movies. I’ll naturally be posting reports of that, bahaha. Oh, and I’ll be turning 22 this weekend, which is kind of a scary thought. It’s also the 2-year anniversary of me having a website (RIP

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